Monday 25 May

Monday 25 May
This position represents the past where the situation originated.

NINE OF PENTACLES – This is a time of contentment. You feel relaxed, peaceful, and quietly confident and you are attractive to others. Your self confidence is evident to all who meet you at this time. Your life may feel settled and a period of calm and peace lies ahead of you. If you are single, rest assured that others have noticed you and your charisma has not escaped them! Take things slowly and watch events unfold at a natural pace.

The present situation.

STRENGTH – This card is centred on character and the ability to rise above emotions and desires. Once we learn how to control the emotions we then have to learn to rise above them and apply something more.

This is an extension of the self and the lesson of what we receive from the Chariot. That is the true strength and it comes from inside.

The most likely outcome for the near future.

NINE OF CUPS – A lovely card to find in your spread. Joy, fulfilment, mental and physical well being are all coming to you now.

Relationships bring love and happiness, new levels of harmony and intimacy are possible and you are positively radiant! The difficulties of the eight of cups have been overcome and it is time to enjoy life and embrace all that now awaits you.

All things work to your advantage, success is found in all your ventures and your rewards are abundant at this time.

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