Major ….Strength

Major 8…..Strength…… a woman (with the symbol of infinity above her head) tames a lion under a golden sky. Infinity symbol representing self mastery and endurance. And, the taming of the lion, through petting, shows she has used more than outer strength to overcome the trials of the world around her; she has mastered her inner world and used the beauty of the feminine (balanced consciousness) to bring peace and calmness

In the phase of strength we are open to messages from the subconscious, we learn to listen to our instincts, and take notice of the images that come from the subconscious.The woman holding the lion depicts receptivity. She has a firm hold of the mouth of the lion , our instinctive world, and can open it when she wants to listen and close it when she does not want to. This is a well balanced mechanism. for though it is good to listen to the subconscious, there are times when its better to remain silent.

Strength is a powerful card but not imposing. Will power is present, and so is receptivity, and a combination of the courage to look at oneself, and also to learn to understand yourself. Strength is therefore a process of self discovery and a consequence of the projection mechanism. In the phase of strength one learns to make contact with the less acceptable traits, such as anxiety, grief and insecurity, even passion, malice or sloth. Making contact with these things and accepting that they are there, is strength.

Strength also brings psychological confrontations..having regard for the whole picture may make you aware that it may be time to work on yourself too. If there is no chance for self acceptance, strength degenerates into over protectiveness . When strength works positively, we stand on the threshold of new developments and experience humility in the realization that there are forces greater than those of the will or the conscious mind.

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