Major 19…The Sun

Major 19 Sun… Light, optimism and good times. A strong sense of well being and happiness prevails.

You now look at life with renewed optimism, much like the innocence of a child. Your optimism may be contagious and your attitude may bring joy and happiness to others around you. You are pleased to share your good fortune with others and seek to dispel doom and gloom in friends and family.

You see the good side of everything and seek out the best in every situation however bad it may seem

The desire to reach out from within in order to enjoy life to the full and cheerfully, is represented by the Sun. The keynote of the phase of the sun is that you are in a position to accept yourself totally, and lively flexibility is combined with inner firmness and expresses itself in an enormous love of life because you have learned to love yourself. This is not egotism, the Sun shows how by simply accepting and liking yourself, you are able to value and like others too. In this phase you realise your responsibility as a human being.

The Sun is paradoxical as you have the inner strength to stand up for your rights, but at the same time, you are able to retire to let others take precedence. You have a flexible attitude and you are happiest to be yourself. The sun represents warmth and mirth and enthusiastic energy where everything you undertake has a great chance of success provided you stick to the straightforwardness, animation and honesty of The Sun.

If you stay too long in the phase of the sun, the inner joy will drain away to be replaced by a need to prove yourself. The negative sun often becomes embroiled in various conflicts over matters of power and authority, and instead of stimulating people, it tries to make them docile and compliant where your light is allowed to shine, that of others may no longer do so, and your self confidence vanishes while you become a big ‘noise’ shouting down your insecurity.

Another side of the sun is eternal youth. If all you want to do is enjoy life deferring responsibility, you will never realize your potential.

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