Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Life…THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE – Fate and destiny are the lesson of this card. It shows the connection of everything in life and is a direct link to the circle of life and the scales of balance and karma. There is a cycle for everything and you often get back what you invest. So if you have invested well then expect good things, and vice versa.

Change is indicate by this card and like a wheel what rises must fall.Where you are in a cycle can indicate what comes next. Surrounding cards give hints to the questionnaire. The more you try to control the hand of fate the less control you have, so it is best to roll with the wheel.

The Wheel of Fortune confronts us with the following mechanisms: we encounter the workings of ‘fate’ and come to see that there is a connection between what strikes us in the outside world, and our own psychic dynamics. If we can understand how we are involved in the processes and situations we find ourselves in, we shall be able to change them…and get off the wheel. In many cases we meet resistance and setbacks as the Wheel of Fortune turns.

A good response is to look at ourselves, our situation, and the problems, as objectively as possible, and study our own reactions, emotions, hopes and fears. That is where the key to insight is. Once we realise that specific behaviors lead to specific actions, because of our own attitudes, then we can see that we provoke the very reactions we are trying to avoid, then we have one way of tackling the wheel.

Certain ways of seeing the concept of Karma can be traced back to getting stuck on the Wheel of Fortune, and Fatalism and a negative attitude toward oneself can be the consequence.

The real purpose of the Wheel as a drive, is to confront us in such a way that we can take a step toward maturity in order to better be able to take full responsibility for our own lives.

In other words, don’t blame everything that happens to you onto the Wheel of Fortune.

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