Wednesday 6 May

Wednesday 6 May
This position represents the past where the situation originated.

FOUR OF PENTACLES – You may be concentrating on finances, thinking of new ways to make money or invest it. Perhaps you are working to increase your savings and generally trying to make yourself more financially secure. You may fear loss and this is what has provoked your tendency to focus on this area of your life. This could be a good time to embark on new business ventures.

The present situation.

EIGHT OF PENTACLES REVERSED – You may find yourself dreading work every day. Taking time off, looking for new employment, watching the clock all day until its time to go home. Lack of ambition may have brought you to this point, perhaps you took the job quickly and for the wrong reasons. This situation leads you to feel lethargic and uninspired in other areas of your life. You must address the issues at the root of this before other areas in your life can improve.

The most likely outcome for the near future.

TWO OF CUPS – The Two of Cups speaks of emotional engagements. These may be in the form of deep connections made with our lovers, friends, family, partners, or co-workers.
To be sure, these connections are complimentary as if two halves are coming together to form a perfect union.
This coming together is a new beginning and one filled with promise, hope and trust. There is a prickling at the back of our neck at the freshness and vitality a new relationship brings us. There is an intensity of our focus upon the sparkly energy of high emotion as we connect more deeply with our unifying contra.

On an esoteric level, this card is also symbolic of bringing together the dualistic nature of self into a harmonised whole.

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