Sunday May 3

Sunday 3 May
This position represents the past where the situation originated.

FIVE OF PENTACLES – Do you feel alone? Empty inside? This card can denote difficulties with confidence and self esteem. You may feel emotionally drained. You have nothing else to give, and feel at an all time low. The Five of Pentacles can also denote money problems, poverty, or cash flow issues. On a romantic level you may be feeling left behind, perhaps an ex has moved on and has now found happiness with someone else, while you are still alone. This phase will pass, the next few weeks may not be ideal but if you make an extra effort you can climb out of this feeling of doom and gloom.

The present situation.

JUDGEMENT – Life changing experiences. This can come in many ways. Perhaps something or someone has been a catalyst for your change, they may have provoked new levels of thought or feeling, made you rethink old and outdated views and opinions or maybe circumstances no longer permit old attitudes and habits.

This is a time to start anew, forget outdated regimes and rules and create an atmosphere that improves life for all of those concerned.

The most likely outcome for the near future.

TWO OF CUPS – The Two of Cups speaks of emotional engagements. These may be in the form of deep connections made with our lovers, friends, family, partners, or co-workers.
To be sure, these connections are complimentary as if two halves are coming together to form a perfect union.
This coming together is a new beginning and one filled with promise, hope and trust. There is a prickling at the back of our neck at the freshness and vitality a new relationship brings us. There is an intensity of our focus upon the sparkly energy of high emotion as we connect more deeply with our unifying contra.

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