Friday May 22

Friday 22 May
This position represents the past where the situation originated.

THE HIGH PRIESTESS – Often when the high priestess appears in a spread she advises you to take a step back from the situation and keep your own counsel for the time being. It would seem that there is more to be revealed in this situation than you may know and this secret knowledge will be worth waiting for as it will give you greater insight into the situation.

The present situation.

STRENGTH – This card is centred on character and the ability to rise above emotions and desires. Once we learn how to control the emotions we then have to learn to rise above them and apply something more.

This is an extension of the self and the lesson of what we received from the Chariot. We must now use fortitude and patience to receive the desired outcome that is just beyond the horizon. There is still work to be done and now that we have learned to control the emotions we must apply that power of wisdom with a slight touch of patience. That is the true strength and it comes from inside.

The most likely outcome for the near future.

THE SUN – Always a nice card to find wherever it appears in a spread. Light, optimism and good times. A strong sense of well being and happiness prevails. Perhaps you have finally achieved a long awaited goal, passed an exam, got a promotion at work or maybe a new baby has arrived in your family.

You now look at life with renewed optimism, much like the innocence of a child. Your optimism may be contagious and your attitude may bring joy and happiness to others around you. You are pleased to share your good fortune with others and seek to dispel doom and gloom in friends and family.

You see the good side of everything and seek out the best in every situation however bad it may seem

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