Tuesday 21 April 2020

Tuesday 21 April
This position represents the past where the situation originated.

EIGHT OF SWORDS – You may feel restricted by your circumstances; it can feel that your options are limited and that your choices are few. It could be that you feel bound to keep information to yourself, and that others are controlling your life.

There is a way past this restrictive situation. The way to reach a positive solution is to be objective and not let personal feelings cloud judgment.

Seeking help from an impartial third party is an option which should be considered at this time.

The present situation.

KNIGHT OF SWORDS – This card can represent the arrival of a new man in your life. However, caution is needed. He may be bright, intelligent, articulate and quite charming. He could also be unreliable and inconsistent.

He may enter your life like an action hero full of energy, ideas, spontaneity and grand plans for the future. However he may disappear just as quickly as he appeared, with little or no explanation and no sense of remorse.

The most likely outcome for the near future.

FIVE OF SWORDS – It is time to accept that everyone and everything has its limitations. You could be involved in a power struggle with both sides believing that their way is correct. It may be that a third-party could intervene at this point in an effort to find some middle ground, but that it is only if both parties are honest and willing to accept a compromise. If you are dealing with a liar then your only course of action could be to give up and walk away. This may leave you feeling that all has been lost.

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