Sunday April 12 2020

Sunday 12 April…
This position represents the past where the situation originated.

THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE – Fate and destiny are the lesson of this card. It shows the connection of everything in life and is a direct link to the circle of life and the scales of balance and karma. There is a cycle for everything and you often get back what you invest. So if you have invested well then expect good things, and vice versa.

Change is indicate by this card and like a wheel what rises must fall.Where you are in a cycle can indicate what comes next. Surrounding cards give hints to the questionnaire. The more you try to control the hand of fate the less control you have, so it is best to roll with the wheel.

The present situation.

ACE OF WANDS – A new phase is dawning. This could be a relationship, a journey, a house move, a new job or project.

It is the initial stages of a new path in life. If you feel that you are already established, then this could also mean a new phase in existing circumstances, an injection of new energy. Whatever the issue may be, this card shows that this is the right time to make that move, to invest in that project; to channel more energy into what makes you happy.

The most likely outcome for the near future.

THE CHARIOT – This is a card of struggle but ultimately success. If you really want something you can set out now and get it. Your ego is strong and you are able to overcome obstacles in life. You’re not afraid to take new paths and have new adventures – life is a challenge and you are enjoying it.

This card can relate to travel and can show that travel is coming your way. Alternatively it could be that you are going to be travelling quite a lot.

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