Friday First May 2020

1 May….First of May
This position represents the past where the situation originated.

KING OF SWORDS – This is a highly intelligent man; he adores intellectual stimulation of any kind and becomes easily bored without it. He could represent a man of the church, someone who works within the criminal justice system, a doctor – most likely consultant – but whatever his profession, he will be in a powerful and controlling position.

The present situation.

TEMPERANCE – The key to this card is balance and moderation. Mixing old with new, blending ideas, or alternating between old and new ways. Almost like a test trying to find the right blend, the right combination of ingredients to make the best outcome.

It may take many attempts to get this balance right but each attempt is a learning process, knowledge and wisdom being gained and new ground being covered all the time.

This card is about considering all options….

The most likely outcome for the near future.

QUEEN OF CUPS – The Love Queen. A deeply emotional lady. Loving, caring, and very much in touch with her spiritual side.

She may have an appreciation of art, poetry and things of natural beauty. She can however be fragile at times, over sensitive and prone to deep sadness.

She is the sweet kind gracious grandmother, the devoted selfless wife or sister, or the young girl who believes her true love will one day ride in on a white charger and take her away from all this!

She is honest, respectable, reliable, devoted and virtuous. She will instinctively sense the moods of others and seek to calm troubled waters. She seeks relationships where she is cherished and appreciated at all times and she will weep easily at the first sign of confrontation.

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