19 October Tarot Reading

This position represents the past where the situation originated.

EIGHT OF SWORDS – You may feel restricted by your circumstances; it can feel that your options are limited and that your choices are few. It could be that you feel bound to keep information to yourself, and that others are controlling your life.
There is a way past this restrictive situation. The way to reach a positive solution is to be objective and not let personal feelings cloud judgment.
Seeking help from an impartial third party is an option which should be considered at this time.

The present situation.

PAGE OF WANDS – Youth, innocence, fun, short trips and invitations are all indicated with this Page. Your outlook is positive, you are attracting attention and if you are single you won’t be short of a date! This is an excellent time to be out and about, having fun, getting noticed and broadening your horizons. Relax, enjoy, and have fun!

Do not be surprised if you meet interesting new people where you least expected to, get nice unexpected surprises, and feel light-hearted and optimistic about your life, work and future options.

The most likely outcome for the near future.

ACE OF CUPS – New beginnings on an emotional plane.

This card can represent a new relationship, a new level of feeling in an existing one or even the return and renewal of a past relationship. Emotions are overflowing while hopes and dreams take on an innocent and hopeful feeling.

All things are possible at this early stage and this card offers great promise for the future, although this is only the very early stages, the commencement of the journey, optimism and excitement at the prospect of all that could now be possible

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