Tarot Reading 14 October

This position represents the past where the situation originated.

FIVE OF WANDS – Sometimes conflicts can be good. Things can end up being resolved and hidden desires and feelings can come to the surface. You may find yourself in the midst of quarrels and disturbances, clashing with those around you over every little thing. Rest assured that this will pass and the time that follows may well be better

The present situation.

TEMPERANCE – The key to this card is balance and moderation. Mixing old with new, blending ideas, or alternating between old and new ways. Almost like a test trying to find the right blend, the right combination of ingredients to make the best outcome.

It may take many attempts to get this balance right but each attempt is a learning process, knowledge and wisdom being gained and new ground being covered all the time.

This card is about considering all options, experimenting with all combinations, taking on board everyone’s ideas and finding, through trial and error,

On an emotional level this of course equates to looking at facts, past experience, perhaps seeking outside help. Not acting in haste but making informed and careful choices rather than acting on whim or letting insecurity dictate your actions. BALANCE.

The most likely outcome for the near future.

SIX OF PENTACLES – You may find yourself on the receiving end of the kindness of others. People will be there to help, guide, advise, and lend a hand just when you need it. It could be that on older, wiser and more experienced influence is just what you need right now. Alternatively, it could be that you are the one who can help others in this way; the advice here is to do so with good intentions and not exploit those who could be vulnerable right now.

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