Tarot Reading 13 October

This position represents the past where the situation originated.

NINE OF SWORDS – You may be feeling anxious about an ongoing situation; this is what you may call ‘a dark night of the soul’. Rest assured that no matter how bad things seem, this is a growth period and you will look back and realise that you have learned from the whole experience and gained much wisdom.

Because of your feelings of vulnerability, you may choose to cut yourself off from friends and acquaintances as you deal with your feelings of sorrow and disappointment. Isolation may be the only way that you feel that you can deal with recent events.

The present situation.

PAGE OF WANDS – Youth, innocence, fun, short trips and invitations are all indicated with this Page. Your outlook is positive, you are attracting attention and if you are single you won’t be short of a date! This is an excellent time to be out and about, having fun, getting noticed and broadening your horizons. Relax, enjoy, and have fun!

Do not be surprised if you meet interesting new people where you least expected to, get nice unexpected surprises, and feel light-hearted and optimistic about your life, work and future options.

This is sure to be a satisfactory, surprising and wonderful time!

The most likely outcome for the near future.

ACE OF SWORDS – Things may suddenly appear to be very clear, as the Ace of Swords brings clarity and allows one to view things in a logical and balanced way.

On a deeper level, this card can be linked to feelings of deja vu, love at first sight, strange coincidences and feelings that destiny has brought you to this point in your life.

This may also indicate the commencement of battles, triumph achieved with force, harsh words, passion and problems solved by cutting right to the heart of the matter.

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