Tarot Reading 5 October


This position represents the past where the situation originated.

KNIGHT OF PENTACLES – This card can often represent a useful active and hard-working man, he may be a skilled craftsman, someone used to working with his hands, perhaps a builder or carpenter or just someone who is adept at DIY.

He enjoys physical pleasures, team sports, outdoor activities, and takes great pride in all that he does whether that is winning a football game or finishing a task to perfection.

In relationships he is generally reliable and dependable although some may find him dull and boring.

The present situation.

FIVE OF SWORDS – It is time to accept that everyone and everything has its limitations. You could be involved in a power struggle with both sides believing that their way is correct. It may be that a third-party could intervene at this point in an effort to find some middle ground, but that it is only if both parties are honest and willing to accept a compromise. If you are dealing with a liar then your only course of action could be to give up and walk away. This may leave you feeling that all has been lost.

The most likely outcome for the near future.

PAGE OF PENTACLES – This card could indicate that money is coming your way. Perhaps a small windfall or a little extra cash is now available to you. It can also denote a wonderful surprise, good news and messages. While this may only be a small highlight, it can often represent a more positive change around the corner or be a catalyst for that change.


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