Reading October 2

Reading 2 October
This position represents the past where the situation originated.

TWO OF PENTACLES – Money worries could be affecting you and you may find yourself taking out the pressure you feel on those closest to you. Aside from financial difficulties, you may be confused, or find that others are confused with your actions. This is a worrying time for all concerned. Perhaps you feel that you always end up back where you started and this may be a time to look at your actions and try a different approach. A shift, however subtle, that will change the situation enough for you to free yourself from the loop. Beware of inconsistency.

The present situation.

KNIGHT OF CUPS – This knight can represent someone who sweeps you off your feet, but beware, check the surrounding cards; he may disappear as quickly and dramatically as he appeared.

He will always be special, and have a profound effect on you, but his pleasure may be conquering, not keeping. He may break your heart, but you may look back and feel that the love you felt for that fleeting moment was worth it.

This card can also indicate a spiritual awakening. You may be more sensitive to the needs of others, start to look at things from a spiritual point of view and be more in tune with the forces around you that you now sense.

The most likely outcome for the near future.

EIGHT OF WANDS – You have the power within you to manifest what ever you want right now. Your energy is strong and you are attracting attention. This can open up many possibilities for you, love, career, travel, money. This is a very busy and active time for you. Events will progress quickly and efficiently. You feel that all you do is positive and has firm direction.

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