Reading Monday 9 September

This position represents the past where the situation originated.

THE HEIROPHANT – The Hierophant is also the card of the advisor and it may be that you need some professional advice at this time in your life. Upright the cards suggests that you are likely to be following a conventional path, such as an organised religion which gives you a spiritual outlet or following a traditional path to education such as college or university.

In a love reading this card can indicate marriage and a relationship following a traditional path. It shows that the partners are a comfort to one another and can be the adviser or guide to each other within the relationship.

In a work reading it shows that you will be following a conventional career path and also perhaps adding to your qualifications. Your boss may be an inspirational leader or you yourself could be inspirational to people in the work place and they may see you as somebody they can come to for advice.

In a business reading this shows that you need the advice and guidance of professional people to assure your success, be this lawyer, bank manager or business-angel. It shows that the advice you receive will be sound and non judgmental and you are advised to follow this it.

The present situation.

FIVE OF PENTACLES – Do you feel alone? Empty inside? This card can denote difficulties with confidence and self esteem. You may feel emotionally drained. You have nothing else to give, and feel at an all time low. The Five of Pentacles can also denote money problems, poverty, or cash flow issues. On a romantic level you may be feeling left behind, perhaps an ex has moved on and has now found happiness with someone else, while you are still alone. This phase will pass, the next few weeks may not be ideal but if you make an extra effort you can climb out of this feeling of doom and gloom.

The most likely outcome for the near future.

PAGE OF CUPS – Is a new love appearing in your dreams? Pay attention to the cards that surround this Page, this card can indicate good news, a new love or some information coming your way that will uplift you.

There is a childish innocence around you when this card appears. Perhaps you have been through a tough time and just want to be light-hearted and have fun; others are drawn to your innocence and naivety as you are not currently oppressed by worldly issues. You are willing to help others in any way you can and give of your time freely. You may be feeling kind, considerate and generous.

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