Thursday 5 September Reading

This position represents the past where the situation originated.

ACE OF PENTACLES – The beginning of a path that can lead to wealth, fulfilment, happiness, pleasure, satisfaction and a feeling of great accomplishment.

You may find yourself on the receiving end of new opportunities, perhaps an offer of a new job or promotion, which will lead you to greater security, a bigger house or a more abundant and satisfying way of life.

Whichever path this card presents to you, rest assured that it will be one that brings you the best that you can hope for at this time.

The present situation.

KNIGHT OF WANDS – The life and soul of the party, flirtatious and happy go lucky, but don’t expect to hear from him the next day. He runs away from emotional attachments, gets bored when things turn more serious and struggles with any form of commitment.

He can also represent an older man with a string of failed relationships, all due to his commitment phobic nature. Have a good time with him by all means but protect your heart! He may makes plans that he fails to keep, promises that he fails to deliver or describes himself in an idealistic way that makes you fall in love with an illusion that fails to materialise.

The most likely outcome for the near future.

FOUR OF CUPS – Continuing the journey in the story of cups, we reach the four, if three was the party then four is the hangover. The typical morning after.

This card appears when you need rest. This is not always an early night or even a week off work, it can go much deeper. It could be a need for mental rest, to recharge your mind, body and spirit.

Life has drawn much from you and you may feel drained, weary, confused and uncertain. Find a place of peace and quiet and regain your balance. Make sure you are eating well and perhaps make some changes to your lifestyle, work patterns and diet. A check up with the doctor may be a good idea.

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