Reading for 3 September

This position represents the past where the situation originated.

SIX OF SWORDS – The stresses and strains of recent events are now coming to a close, very soon the troubles of those events will be behind you and you can once again look forward with optimism to a brighter future.

You have learned from this experience as it has forced you to examine different options and try different approaches when dealing with personal difficulties. As a result of this you have found the right path and this particular test can now be put behind you.

The present situation.

THE MOON – Mood swings, uncertainty, unpredictability and crazy making. This is as a result of fears, imagination and terror, which could be real or imagined. Things deeply submerged in the subconscious come to the surface. Paranoia, illusions, delirium and nightmares.

Fear of the unknown can trigger mood swings and irrational behavior as we struggle to assess what is real and what is imagined. Past experience, emotional stability, outside influence and social factors can all play a part in how well we deal with the lessons that are described by the card of the Moon.

Instinct plays a large part in what we fear, the fight or flight response. The occult, visions, lunacy and delusions are all related to this card. Mental health issues such as depression and manic episodes or even severe mental illness may also be a factor here.

The most likely outcome for the near future.

TEN OF WANDS – All work and no play? Do you ever wonder why you have no personal life? Did anyone tell you that in order to do that you need to take some time off work every now and again? You need to strike a balance here, be careful that your career goals do not damage your personal relationships. If you put 100% of your thoughts efforts and energies into your job then your reward will be job related…more work, more money, more responsibility. We reap what we sow, to have balance in your life your need to balance the areas that get your attention. Try to relax, wind down and take some time out for fun.

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