Tarot Reading 8 August

This position represents the past where the situation originated.

TEN OF CUPS – This is the happy ever after card. Warm, strong, and lasting relationships.

Deep love, commitment and strong ties await you. This is the heart warming love you have been searching for all this time; it is within your reach now.
This can also represent bonds with friends, children and family members. Stability, security and contentment are all associated with the Ten of Cups. Celebrate love and security and the bonds that tie us together.

The present situation.

THE FOOL – In tarot the Fool has no number (0) and therefore represents the potential for new action/situations.

If the Fool turns up in your spread it may be that you are getting ready to take the plunge into something new in your life, the results of which you can’t predict accurately. Upright the Fool advises you to “feel the fear and do it anyway”, follow your intuition and head right over that cliff into the unknown – something wonderful could be there.

In a love reading this card is the potential for a new relationship, or reconciliation in a relationship which had seemed to be dead and gone. You may be drawn to somebody for no logical reason. You need to follow your heart. Let yourself go and live in the present. You can’t map out the future exactly but if it feels right – do it.

In a business/career reading this card shows that something new is possible. Maybe you are feeling uncomfortable in your safe, secure job and feel deep inside that you need to be off to something more fulfilling, possibly even starting your own business. This card says – Go For It. If you are in business you may be formulating a new business plan, product or service. Again, follow through with this. It may take time to develop but it should be a positive move – trust your gut instinct.

The most likely outcome for the near future.

THE TOWER – Another quite scary image, this card is sometimes called the Tower struck by Lightening or, on a more positive note, the Tower of Liberation.

This card indicates sudden change (rather than the slower process suggested by Death). It’s when something goes “bang” in your life and you are thrown out of your comfort zone and forced to confront change. This change may be pleasant or unpleasant, but this all depends on your perception of what is pleasant or unpleasant. It can indicate that you get a shock to the system you weren’t expecting – it’s not what that shock was but how you deal with it from now that is important.

This card can indicate violence or even an accident of some kind, but that is in very extreme circumstances and you need to look to the surrounding cards and the question asked for verification.

In a love/relationship reading the appearance of the Tower can show either the abrupt ending of a relationship or, in fact, the experience of love at first sight where eyes meet across a crowded room and BANG, instant attraction. In an established relationship the Tower can show a row or argument, but also indicates that this needed to happen in order to clear the air.

This can also be true in family situations where issues have been simmering under the surface and then suddenly explode. Coupled with the Devil and positive emotional cards this can indicate a passionate encounter or even making up between partners.

Whatever the circumstances when the Tower turns up there is usually a need for somebody to be thrown out of the comfort zone – if things don’t change then we cannot grow.

In a career / business reading you may be in for a shock. Your project might suddenly be rejected or your financial deal turned down. Be prepared to have a contingency plan in place – this simply might not happen for you at this time. There could also be disagreements with colleagues – look to the surrounding cards for resolution of this.

As an addendum, this card can sometimes indicate fire, particularly one of an electrical nature. It might be wise, if asking about your home or premises to check out fire precautions and electrical wiring

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