Tarot Reading 16 August

This position represents the past where the situation originated.

FOUR OF CUPS – Continuing the journey in the story of cups, we reach the four, if three was the party then four is the hangover. The typical morning after.

This card appears when you need rest. This is not always an early night or even a week off work, it can go much deeper. It could be a need for mental rest, to recharge your mind, body and spirit.

Life has drawn much from you and you may feel drained, weary, confused and uncertain. Find a place of peace and quiet and regain your balance. Make sure you are eating well and perhaps make some changes to your lifestyle, work patterns and diet. A check up with the doctor may be a good idea.

The present situation.

ACE OF CUPS – New beginnings on an emotional plane.

This card can represent a new relationship, a new level of feeling in an existing one or even the return and renewal of a past relationship. Emotions are overflowing while hopes and dreams take on an innocent and hopeful feeling.

All things are possible at this early stage and this card offers great promise for the future, although this is only the very early stages, the commencement of the journey, optimism and excitement at the prospect of all that could now be possible.

The most likely outcome for the near future.

KING OF CUPS – The ultimate lover! This is a love interest that could be past present or future; he is extremely charming and charismatic, passionate, sensual and powerful.

He knows what he wants and knows how to get it. However due to this nature, you may feel that he is this way with everyone he meets so you may feel entirely secure with him, but rest assured there will rarely be a dull moment!

As a man, he is honest, dependable, caring and reliable. He is generally a good and caring father figure, a welcoming host, a true and supportive friend and a staunch ally. His profession may be linked to the law or religion, he is an upstanding and respectable citizen.

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