Tarot Reading 10 August

This position represents the past where the situation originated.

SIX OF PENTACLES – You may find yourself on the receiving end of the kindness of others. People will be there to help, guide, advise, and lend a hand just when you need it. It could be that on older, wiser and more experienced influence is just what you need right now. Alternatively, it could be that you are the one who can help others in this way; the advice here is to do so with good intentions and not exploit those who could be vulnerable right now. Be kind.

The present situation.

SIX OF SWORDS – The stresses and strains of recent events are now coming to a close, very soon the troubles of those events will be behind you and you can once again look forward with optimism to a brighter future.

You have learned from this experience as it has forced you to examine different options and try different approaches when dealing with personal difficulties. As a result of this you have found the right path and this particular test can now be put behind you.

The most likely outcome for the near future.

NINE OF WANDS – Never doubt your own worth! Always know that confidence is a state of mind. If you can just appear confident then others will perceive you that way and before you know it you will feel that confidence within you. Try it!

Right now you may feel that you lack what it takes to succeed. Try to think outside of your insecurities and ignore those voices from the past that put you down and made you doubt your worth. Positive affirmations are needed here. Tell yourself there is nothing you cannot do, be, or have, if you just believe it’s possible

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