Sunday 25 August Tarot

This position represents the past where the situation originated.

FOUR OF PENTACLES – You may be concentrating on finances, thinking of new ways to make money or invest it. Perhaps you are working to increase your savings and generally trying to make yourself more financially secure. You may fear loss and this is what has provoked your tendency to focus on this area of your life. This could be a good time to embark on new business ventures.

The present situation.

SIX OF WANDS – The communication between you and others improves. You may find that your dealings with others and transactions in general are much calmer and more pleasant all round. This new found harmony and peaceful phase may cover all aspects of your life, not just your relationships and personal life. Your hopes and wishes may now be fulfilled and you are happy with the way your life is going. Enjoy this period and make it as productive as you can!

The most likely outcome for the near future.

THE LOVERS- At first glance this card appears to be all about love, but it is actually all about the choices we make in life and taking personal responsibility for those choices. This is the card of a person who is becoming mature enough to make decisions and accept the consequences that come as a result.

In a love reading this is, of course, a very significant card and can indicate two people who care about each other very much and are making choices together about their future life.

It can also indicate a new relationship which may be very fulfilling long term – if this card appears and you are not sure, take it as an indication that this person would be very good for you. This can also indicate a choice between two potential lovers, or between a lover and someone else in your life who is very important to you (possibly a parent) – once again follow your heart. This card can also indicate a younger person who is flying-the- nest, becoming less dependant on parents and beginning a new life, perhaps with a partner.

The Lovers can also appear when you need to start making decisions for yourself about life, love, career and also moving out of the parental home to become independent for the first time.

In a career or business reading this card shows that there is a major choice – follow your heart and listen to your inner voice – you can’t go wrong

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