12 August Tarot Reading

12 August Reading 
This position represents the past where the situation originated.

SIX OF WANDS – The communication between you and others improves. You may find that your dealings with others and transactions in general are much calmer and more pleasant all round. This new found harmony and peaceful phase may cover all aspects of your life, not just your relationships and personal life. Your hopes and wishes may now be fulfilled and you are happy with the way your life is going. Enjoy this period and make it as productive as you can!

The present situation.

TEN OF WANDS – All work and no play? Do you ever wonder why you have no personal life? Did anyone tell you that in order to do that you need to take some time off work every now and again? You need to strike a balance here, be careful that your career goals do not damage your personal relationships. If you put 100% of your thoughts efforts and energies into your job then your reward will be job related…more work, more money, more responsibility. We reap what we sow, to have balance in your life your need to balance the areas that get your attention. Try to relax, wind down and take some time out for fun.

The most likely outcome for the near future.

TWO OF PENTACLES – Money worries could be affecting you and you may find yourself taking out the pressure you feel on those closest to you. Aside from financial difficulties, you may be confused, or find that others are confused with your actions. This is a worrying time for all concerned. Perhaps you feel that you always end up back where you started and this may be a time to look at your actions and try a different approach. A shift, however subtle, that will change the situation enough for you to free yourself from the loop. Beware of inconsistency.

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