Reading for 3 August

KING OF WANDS – A lively, friendly and charismatic man with vibrant energy, he is ambitious open and confident. If this King represents an admirer he will not hold back in letting you know his intentions. However, this can also represent a man who is not available, an affair or a one night stand.

This man can be quite an imposing figure; he is usually in charge, has responsibility, makes decisions for others and will toil endlessly for a cause that he considers worthy of his time and talent.

There may occasionally be times however when this man becomes set in his ways and it will be necessary to challenge his decisions, no man is always right, not even the King of Wands!

The present situation.

THREE OF SWORDS – It could be that you are involved in a stressful situation, the inconsistencies of another may confuse you, and this could perhaps be an on-off relationship or a passionate obsessive affair that fails to develop into anything long-standing or secure.

Someone may have hurt your feelings, a love may be lost and you may have shed many tears but this is part of life’s path and heartbreak can inspire much spiritual growth and deep penetrating insights. Keep walking do not look back.

The most likely outcome for the near future.

NINE OF PENTACLES – This is a time of contentment. You feel relaxed, peaceful, and quietly confident and you are attractive to others. Your self confidence is evident to all who meet you at this time. Your life may feel settled and a period of calm and peace lies ahead of you. If you are single, rest assured that others have noticed you and your charisma has not escaped them! Take things slowly and watch events unfold at a natural pace.

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