Reading 6 August

This position represents the past where the situation originated.

KING OF PENTACLES – A man of means, perhaps a banker, stockbroker, trader, or speculator.

It would appear that this man knows how to make money work for him and once he turns his hand to something it is usually a financial success. He is generally a good provider, but caution is needed if he sees people as possessions. He may have an attitude that money can buy everything including love and loyalty. When he spends money he will look for products the most likely to provide reliability and quality. He can also appear pretentious and flashy. He may overdress on occasion and appearances are very important to him.

The present situation.

EIGHT OF WANDS – You have the power within you to manifest what ever you want right now. Your energy is strong and you are attracting attention. This can open up many possibilities for you, love, career, travel, money. This is a very busy and active time for you. Events will progress quickly and efficiently. You feel that all you do is positive and has firm direction.

The most likely outcome for the near future.

SEVEN OF WANDS – All that you have been battling for is now within your reach. Your path may have been long and hard and you are so tired right now that you may be fantasizing about giving up. Hang in there; you have almost reached your target even if it does not feel that way at this moment. You may need to communicate with others, remind people of your situation and take advantage of offers that come your way, but the message here is that you will get there. The light is at the end of the tunnel now. You can rest soon.

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