18 March …Eight of Swords

EIGHT OF SWORDS – You may feel restricted by your circumstances; it can feel that your options are limited and that your choices are few. It could be that you feel bound to keep information to yourself, and that others are controlling your life.

There is a way past this restrictive situation. The way to reach a positive solution is to be objective and not let personal feelings cloud judgment.

Seeking help from an impartial third party is an option which should be considered at this time.

eight of swords      Rose Quartz.jpg

Crystal of the Day… Rose Quartz

To bring more love into your life you must give more not demand more

Rose Quartz is renowned as the Crystal of love.It fills your heart and space with the nurturing energy of harmonious love. It promotes forgiveness and understanding, allowing friendships with family and friends to flourish.

It is time to increase the flow of love in your life. If you give more, you will get more.

The most powerful way to change your environment is to change yourself and give more, and thus by giving yourself , you commence the cycle of giving and return.

Moon of the Day…..

Moon 18 March

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