Card of the Day…March 16…

Card of the Day….March 16th


– A lovely card to find in your spread. Joy, fulfillment, mental and physical well-being are all coming to you now.

Relationships bring love and happiness, new levels of harmony and intimacy are possible and you are positively radiant! The difficulties of the eight of cups have been overcome and it is time to enjoy life and embrace all that now awaits you.

All things work to your advantage, success is found in all your ventures and your rewards are abundant at this time.

Crystal of the Day…Lapis Lazuli

In order to do great things, you must see yourself as great. in order to inspire others, you must see yourself as inspired first.
To change your world, you must first be able to change yourself.

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful combination of different crystals.
The blue Lazurite and Hauyne helps stimulate intuition, the white Calcite helps clear away impurities, and the gold pyrite brings understanding to the mind. This is why the Lapis Lazuli is called the ‘stone of leaders’.
You need to take control of the situation or the lead and not let others inflict their will on you. Today’s message is to take control of whatever is happening in your life..

Moon of the Day

March 15
Waxing Gibbous
Illumination: 62%

IMG_0916      nine-of-cups-meaning-rider-waite-tarot_large    Gibbous 16 March

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