Card of the Day… 12 March 2019

Card of the Day 12 March 2019

ACE OF WANDS – A new phase is dawning. This could be a relationship, a journey, a house move, a new job or project.

It is the initial stages of a new path in life. If you feel that you are already established, then this could also mean a new phase in existing circumstances, an injection of new energy. Whatever the issue may be, this card shows that this is the right time to make that move, to invest in that project; to channel more energy into what makes you happy.

If you have a goal, reach for it now!

Crystal of the Day.. The Red Garnet…

The Red Garnet has been used for thousands of years as the Stone of the Warrior. This was for two reasons…protection and to speed healing.
The Red garnet can help you overcome depression and melancholy, defeating thoughts, habits, positions and people that no longer serve you, and brings a vibrancy to allow you to build upon the successes you have already had in life.

Moon of the Day….

Waxing crescent
Visible: 30% ↑
Age: 5.44 days


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