Card of the Day… 11 March 2019

Card of the Day…11 March

The communication between you and others improves. You may find that your dealings with others and transactions in general are much calmer and more pleasant all round. This new found harmony and peaceful phase may cover all aspects of your life, not just your relationships and personal life. Your hopes and wishes may now be fulfilled and you are happy with the way your life is going. Enjoy this period and make it as productive as you can!

Crystal for the Day….Iolite

Iolite – Perception, travel, insight and release.
Life is a series of choices. Meditate with the Iolite to hekp you see the guidance that is around you.However, in the end, you choose the outcomes in your life..If you don’t like the result, make a different choice.

Particularly good for sleep work, moon work, and releasing the animal spirit within. Its influence also covers the back of the neck and higher parts of the shoulders.

Moon phase for the Day…11 March 2019

Moon phase today – Lunar calendar

Waxing Crescent 13% illuminated. Waxing Crescent is the lunar phase today: 10 March 2019 ..

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