Flower Essences


They weren’t introduced commercially until around the 1930s when Dr Bach introduced his famous Bach Flower Remedies.  These are now widely accepted and used.  Few people don’t know Rescue Remedy® , those drops used almost universally in situations of pain and shock.  Even if  you don’t use them routinely yourself, you’d be surprised at the number of people who just happen to carry them, ready  to pull out and offer any time that someone needs calm or comfort.

Flower essences are gentle remedies that provide us with vibrational healing for a wide variety of conditions, particularly those related to emotional matters.
They’re not to be confused with essential oils, being altogether more subtle in their action.

Many countries have their own version of flower essences, and Australia is no exception. But no matter where they come from, the ranges  contain flower essences to deal with all the  common issues that trouble us.   You can choose your favourites from each country and design a collection suitable to your own personal needs.

When Can I Use Flower Essences?

Flower essences are mixed up to a strength ready to be taken directly by mouth, or they can be added into water. Most commonly they are simply taken as drops under the tongue, where you hold them for a few minutes. This speeds up absorption.  The usual dose is 4-6 drops 2-6 times daily depending on the severity of you symptoms.  If the essences are to be taken long-term, you should continue your drops for 4 weeks then have a couple of weeks off before recommencing. Unless, of course, your therapist recommends otherwise.

Flower essences are commonly used in combination, often 3-4 at a time. We are complex creatures, and there is rarely one stand-alone issue that can be singled out and treated.  A therapist  will change the recipe of essences used, sometimes every few weeks.  As they start to do their healing work, new areas become ready to be addressed.

  • Rescue remedy: Used for shock, panic attacks and pain, just until the incident is over
  • She-Oak: Infertility. This is used long-term, for as long as necessary
  • Weeping Bottlebrush: This helps us to let go of mental ‘holding-on’ and in so doing, muscle tightness is relieved as well
  • Paw-paw:  When we are overwhelmed by having to make decisions, this essence can help to clarify our thinking
  • Vervain: For the strong-minded who think they’re always right, this gives a chance to change
  • Boronia: That much loved Australian icon is useful when we need to end a relationship but want to ensure that good feeling is preserved
  • Silver Princess: Just having this wonderful tree growing in the garden is enough to lift us to a new place. Use the flower essence when  feeling  directionless.

Seems unlikely that you could ask more of a remedy than you get from the flower essences.  They’re completely safe, free from unwanted side-effects and useful for a wide range of conditions.

If you are new to these marvelous miracles of nature, visiting a therapist who is knowledgeable about them can be a way to get accurate prescribing which gets a faster result. It’s an ideal way to get started on your own knowledge trail as well.

Find a flower essences practitioner in your area and book a treatment now.

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